Climbing the volcano Avacha
Are you ready to ascent of the active volcano crater?
Are you ready to visit the mini Valley of Geysers?
Travel to the volcano Flat Tolbachik
We offer you the opportunity to walk through "footsteps" of the volcano eruption Flat Tolbachik

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Welcome to Kamchatka!

Kamchatka is considered one of the most unique and beautiful places on our planet. Its nature is preserved in its natural and original form, such as it was millions of years ago. Kamchatka fascinates with its wild nature, cosmic landscapes, the beauty of the majestic volcanoes and gushing geysers.
Kamchatka — one of the largest peninsulas of the world and its significant area occupied by natural parks and reserves. Almost all of them are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Different versions of tours through Kamchatka honed our team, and we are ready to offer them the choice to everyone at very reasonable prices. We will provide our guests with the maximum level of comfort available in a variety of environmental conditions.
Our company is engaged in organizing active tours, excursions and other types of winter and summer recreation in Kamchatka. We do not hesitate to give his young company, but our experience on Kamchatka tourist market for more than five years.
We independently work out and realize group, individual and corporate tours of any difficulty. We have everything that is necessary for this: qualified team, modern technical equipment and outfit. Contact with us and we will help you to see unique Kamchatka!
We offer a variety of tours through Kamchatka, which will introduce you to this amazing edge.


Summer tours with accommodation

Tours to Kamchatka will definitely help you learn a lot, to see the unforgettable beauty and appreciate the diversity of a large peninsula, which lies at your feet.

The tour «Kamchatka landscapes»
This tour stands out a large number of different remarkable places of Kamchatka. Over a relatively short period of time every tourist will see the most famous active and inactive volcanoes, mountain ranges. You get the first impressions from Kamchatka immediately after the convergence of the plane. Messengers of many aesthetic pleasures are two live volcano called Avacha and Koryak. Throughout the tour you will be presented south of Kamchatka, its north and center. You will visit not one but many natural and climatic zones. You will see and one of the most unique places of Kamchatka — Kluchevskaya group of volcanoes, belongs Kluchevskoy, the highest live volcano in Europe and Asia.

Tour «Classic»
This route — one of the most visited by tourists. For only 10 days before everyone’s eyes sweep enchants with its natural beauty of the place, where a lot of Kamchatka. After all it is — a rare occasion when so many volcanoes of different types and sizes of focus together. His first impression of the tour you will get as soon get out of the plane, and after you will see a lot of things and ascend to such live volcanoes as Mutnovsky and Burnt. Anyone can fly by helicopter to the Valley of Geysers and seen active geysers and mud pots.

Tour «Top of Kamchatka»
Ah, Kamchatka, summer vacation is inimitable. You step on its ground and immediately admire the beautiful scenery of indescribable. Mountains on the horizon, extinct and active volcanoes — all you see at first, then touch, and then climb some peaks, one of which, called Avachinskiy, very similar to the legendary Mount Vesuvius. During the tour you will see a different part of Kamchatka, the general who are only strong impression.

The tour «Kamchatka for all»
All previous tours involve a few days of exercise and only that is designed for lovers of comfort, which it does not want to give up new experiences. This exciting tour that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. Lovely volcanoes and hot springs, fresh air and spectacular views — all waiting for you, and does not require any effort.

Winter tours and excursions

Winter vacation in Kamchatka is primarily a snow mobile safaris, ski resorts, and visits to unique natural attractions. Of course, the greatest demand is for tours to Kamchatka in the summer. However, a trip to Kamchatka in winter has several advantages. It is a small amount of tourists, which allows you to feel at one with nature, and sport facilities, not available in the summer.

The most popular winter sports in Kamchatka — Safari on snowmobiles. Only on Kamchatka in Russia are snowmobile trails at high elevations in Alpine meadows, on the background of snowy mountain peaks. In the Urals and Khibiny mountains, this landscape is simply no!

Winter tours in Kamchatka usually involve travel in small groups of 10-15 people with a stop at the ski resorts.

This diversity of leisure activities, like Kamchatka, do not find in any other region of Russia!

Welcome to Kamchatka!

Our expedition will offer exceptional programs and high level of service. We operate on the principle of all inclusive. In our tours You will be able to touch the Kamchatka Peninsula in the winter and feel its power to the fullest! With snowmobiles, we ride the breeze to the foot of giants or do we eat in the winter crater of active volcanoes. For a while we can be real mushers will be able to experience all difficulties, and a genuine pleasure from the management team. Get acquainted with the customs and culture of indigenous peoples of the Peninsula. Feed the deer with his hands, and will have dinner in yaranga. See Pacific ocean, Steller / Steller’s sea eagle and, of course, enjoy the swimming pool with thermal water.

Individual tours


All the proposed routes passed us several times, in Kamchatka there are still many places not passed and we offer you to go through them with us. Winter and summer, and multi-day excursions, walking, water and combined routes.

Making your own routes for each group, coordination of exit time, the adjustment of routes during the tour and much more …

The advantage of individual tours over conventional (conveyor) tours offered by major tour companies:

Tour of the company. The ability to travel your company, family. If your company is an energetic and young, did not have to wait for less-trained members of the group. If your company is like a more comfortable and relaxing stay, we will not require you to rush and pass the full route. Perhaps you just want to spend time in a beautiful place, warmed by the fire at night and enjoying a freshly brewed Kamchatka soup.

Biking. Combining hiking tours with a bike tour. You dreamed of cycling in the wilderness, admiring the snow, never tayaschimi alpine meadows along the fire-breathing mountain. Do you want to ride where other groups will have to go on foot? We offer tours and such. As well as biking weekend of any complexity directly from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Transport. A lot of people stereotype that trucks for transportation of tourists — it’s sure vahtovka, on the basis of KAMAZ and the Urals for example. This mode of transportation for travel will be very uncomfortable, as a rule, all vahtovki — Machines winter performance with poor ventilation, increased noise in the cabin, the ride in such a car, even on the pavement quite hard. On most routes you can drive and less bulky transport. We offer comfortable minibuses terrain, rightfully won the trust Kamchadals TOYOTA COASTER, MITSHUBISHI DELIKA, NISSAN SAFARI, MMC PAJERO, etc.

Rental equipment and transfer


The company «Kamchatkiy Tour» provides a shuttle service from the city of Petropavlovsk — Kamchatka
inaccessibility of any route.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our manager directly at the gates of the arrival area with a sign «Kamchatka Tour». You will easily recognize it on the nameplate, which will include the name of our company.

The company «Kamchatkiy Tour» offers to use our technology services for the organization of jeep tours of the day off.
All-wheel drive, specially prepared terrain comfortable minibuses will take you, things and equipment on any available hard route.

Jeeps, buses and minibuses vahtovki for up to 25 passengers.

Order our transfer for the holidays!

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