Our company is the only one on the Kamchatka Territory that can offer very interesting and exciting bike tours. And for the compilation of the tour program, we need to clarify a few things: the date of your arrival, or our use of their sports equipment (bikes), what is the minimum number of kilometers able to overcome in one day (gravel road). Your professional level of the bike. It is necessary for us to know as many routes will take place on the volcanic terrain. Find out the answers to these questions, we can provide a detailed program and the cost of the tour!

Most importantly, during the tour you will be accompanied by professionals who have repeatedly won the Mountain Bike Fest, etc. Competitions Kamchatka Territory. Furthermore our travel agency has its own veloremont!

* Our company has its own rolling equipment!

Many are accustomed to travel by plane, flying the country and oceans, most love to leisurely walk around the city, exploring the traditions and customs of the local people, every one of us loves the warm sea and the week of doing nothing, a few prefer to multi-day hikes with a rucksack on his back and that very few people looking for imaginative ways to travel … you’re one of them, and so happened that want to visit Kamchatka? Then we invite you to an interesting and exciting journey on two wheels on the most inaccessible places of the peninsula of Kamchatka.

Even if you have never made such trips, rest assured, you will love it, because the program is suitable for cycling professionals and beginners! You will feel a real mountain biking with the foot of the volcano and Avacha Kozelskiy, will roll towards the immense Pacific Ocean, visit the small Valley of geysers in the crater of Mutnovsky volcano and relax in the healing hot springs Viljuchinsky.

Throughout the bike tour you will see many hot springs, waterfalls, stunning landscapes and other rare natural phenomenon, formed as a result of volcanic activity of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Completely uninhabited areas will allow them to explore the wildlife at a safe and convenient base software. Along the way we provide continuous auto-tracking and satellite communications with a base that will help you feel more comfortable and provide you with security. The maximum height of the night — 1000m above sea level.