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Irina 30.09.2015 00:26 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

We rested on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the summer of 2015. Thanks to the guides Alexander, Dmitry and Sergey for a fascinating and wonderful trip to Kluchevskoy. The tour was organized by competent and very friendly. On your next visit definitely will return to your company for new tours. I’d love to visit the volcano Tolbachik and dead wood.

Yuri 12.10.2015 12:05 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

Good day to guests and of course the guys who have organized everything at the proper! The whole team Kamchatkiy tour ogrooomnoe thank you! It was the second time in Kamchatka, and you I have opened it from the other side, and come the third time, Tolbachik with you)

Antonina and Maxim 17.11.2015 10:41 | «KamchatkaiyTour»

Arrived family summer «savage» to Kamchatka. Create your travel schedule. Due to the individual route of «Kamchatkiy Tour» we received «Kamchatkiy Tour» enjoy the mysterious and beautiful Kamchatka, and the most important compared to other tour companies Kamchatka Krai always make your trip a memorable one not depending on your family budget 😉

Michael 27.12.2015 10:41 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

The second time traveled to Kamchatka. I will say only one thing, that the «Kamchatkiy Tour» work best drivers and tour guides! I emphasize that they have a higher education. Only thanks to you once again will definitely come.

Alex 12.01.2016 15:07 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

I express to all the staff of travel company «Kamchatkiy Tour», and especially thanks to Dmitry for an unforgettable winter holiday and thrills! Wait in June, but I have to lie down with their colleagues.

Vladimir 21.02.2016 21:55 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

Climbing the volcano Mutnovsky, fishing, hot springs, bike tour, horse ride, accommodation in a cottage, and it is only one day of my tour, the experience of a lifetime. Rest and get energy for the whole year! Many thanks to your company!

Alexander 05.03.2016 11:17 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

Thank you very much for organizing one tour! Skiing and after Paratunka, it is unforgettable!

Ekaterina 11.05.2016 23:10 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

We came from Krasnoyarsk to Kamchatka !! And we want to thank «Kamchatkiy Tour» for a great vacation, good mood, nice guide, Dmitry, who was with us on Tolmachevsky lake! Everything was wonderful!! Even better than expected. Thank you for the excellent organized recreation, thrills, good mood. Thank you for being prepared, it was all very tasty! Thank you «Kamchatkiy Tour» !!!

Maxim 05.06.2016 07:20 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

Traveled spring in Kamchatka with «Kamchatkiy Tour». The first time you saw such an individual approach to customers. We get a lot of pleasant and joyful emotions. Impressions for life! I advise you to spend your tour with this company, you will not regret. Children will meet you at the airport immediately. Pick up power individually for you. Very experimental change the program if the weather conditions change. In general, professionals in their field. Be sure to lie down again, wait!

Gennady and Ekaterina 02.09.2016 11:37 | «Kamchatkiy Tour»

Many thanks to guides Dmitry and Sergey for a tour Esso Kluchevskaya, Tolbachik and excursion to Mount Camel. Very competent construction route given the limited time. Excellent guides and drivers, great food. Let’s wait for new routes (Karymskii, Sheveluch). Now just use your services!

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