All the proposed routes passed us several times, in Kamchatka there are still many places not passed and we offer you to go through them with us. Winter and summer, and multi-day excursions, walking, water and combined routes.

Making your own routes for each group, coordination of exit time, the adjustment of routes during the tour and much more …

The advantage of individual tours over conventional (conveyor) tours offered by major tour companies:

Tour of the company. The ability to travel your company, family. If your company is an energetic and young, did not have to wait for less-trained members of the group. If your company is like a more comfortable and relaxing stay, we will not require you to rush and pass the full route. Perhaps you just want to spend time in a beautiful place, warmed by the fire at night and enjoying a freshly brewed Kamchatka soup.

Biking. Combining hiking tours with a bike tour. You dreamed of cycling in the wilderness, admiring the snow, never tayaschimi alpine meadows along the fire-breathing mountain. Do you want to ride where other groups will have to go on foot? We offer tours and such. As well as biking weekend of any complexity directly from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Transport. A lot of people stereotype that trucks for transportation of tourists — it’s sure vahtovka, on the basis of KAMAZ and the Urals for example. This mode of transportation for travel will be very uncomfortable, as a rule, all vahtovki — Machines winter performance with poor ventilation, increased noise in the cabin, the ride in such a car, even on the pavement quite hard. On most routes you can drive and less bulky transport. We offer comfortable minibuses terrain, rightfully won the trust Kamchadals TOYOTA COASTER, MITSHUBISHI DELIKA, NISSAN SAFARI, MMC PAJERO, etc.