Tours to Kamchatka will definitely help you learn a lot, to see the unforgettable beauty and appreciate the diversity of a large peninsula, which lies at your feet.

The tour «Kamchatka landscapes»
This tour stands out a large number of different remarkable places of Kamchatka. Over a relatively short period of time every tourist will see the most famous active and inactive volcanoes, mountain ranges. You get the first impressions from Kamchatka immediately after the convergence of the plane. Messengers of many aesthetic pleasures are two live volcano called Avacha and Koryak. Throughout the tour you will be presented south of Kamchatka, its north and center. You will visit not one but many natural and climatic zones. You will see and one of the most unique places of Kamchatka — Kluchevskaya group of volcanoes, belongs Kluchevskoy, the highest live volcano in Europe and Asia.

Tour «Classic»
This route — one of the most visited by tourists. For only 10 days before everyone’s eyes sweep enchants with its natural beauty of the place, where a lot of Kamchatka. After all it is — a rare occasion when so many volcanoes of different types and sizes of focus together. His first impression of the tour you will get as soon get out of the plane, and after you will see a lot of things and ascend to such live volcanoes as Mutnovsky and Burnt. Anyone can fly by helicopter to the Valley of Geysers and seen active geysers and mud pots.

Tour «Top of Kamchatka»
Ah, Kamchatka, summer vacation is inimitable. You step on its ground and immediately admire the beautiful scenery of indescribable. Mountains on the horizon, extinct and active volcanoes — all you see at first, then touch, and then climb some peaks, one of which, called Avachinskiy, very similar to the legendary Mount Vesuvius. During the tour you will see a different part of Kamchatka, the general who are only strong impression.

The tour «Kamchatka for all»
All previous tours involve a few days of exercise and only that is designed for lovers of comfort, which it does not want to give up new experiences. This exciting tour that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. Lovely volcanoes and hot springs, fresh air and spectacular views — all waiting for you, and does not require any effort.