Volcano Vachkazhets
Vachkazhets Mountain range in the south of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the highest point is Mount Vachkazhets 1556 m above sea level, is located 80 km west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Vachkazhets — an ancient volcano, separated by a powerful eruption in three main clearly marked parts: Cross of Summer 1417 meters, the 1500 meters Vachkazhtsy himself Vachkazhets. In the area of Summer Transverse still preserved two large volcanic circus, which, apparently, are the remains of the crater of a single, large volcano.

Location coordinates 53 ° 04 ‘s. w. 157 ° 56 ‘in. e. / 53.067 ° c. w. 157.933 ° c. d / 53,067.; 157,933

The base camp is located on the shore of the lake, in a valley at the foot of Summer Cross and Mr. Vachkazhtsy.

During the tour you will visit of the scenic spots. On arrival the first thing that caught your look is Tahkoloch mountain lake which is situated at an altitude of 450m. Next, go on mountain raspadku 3km. You can go to a beautiful waterfall, which has no name in any map, but it is the most popular facility in the valley. Just after the waterfall you can visit one of the ancient crater of the volcano, which has the name «ice circus», the name was due to its size, the height of the walls and classical form. This place is truly unique as it is one of the most ancient of the first volcanoes of Kamchatka, who participated in the formation of the peninsula. And you can not help but admire visited here looking at the minerals and rocks whose age is more than 50 million years!

tour Details

Itinerary: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — «Vachkazhets» — P.-Kamchatsky

The process of movement from: car, on foot

The excursion program:

-pereezd the SUV to a mountain lake

-excursions to the waterfall and volcano crater


-Return to the city

Departure Time: 10:00

Period: June — September

Duration: 1 day

Number — of tourists in the group: 4

Age limit: 8 years

Tour price: 6500 rubles per 1 st. Pers.

Included in cost:

— Transfer

— Food

— Guide service

The cost of insurance is not included!

 It is necessary to have, waterproof jacket, walking shoes (preferably waterproof), hat, x / cotton gloves, sunglasses, small backpack for personal items, protective sunscreen, insect repellent (protection against blood-sucking insects), photo — video equipment.

It is important to know! If weather conditions are unfavorable character for this tour, you can change the planned route, including the date and time of departure.

Available cash and cashless payment. The insurance is issued on request.

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