Winter vacation in Kamchatka is primarily a snow mobile safaris, ski resorts, and visits to unique natural attractions. Of course, the greatest demand is for tours to Kamchatka in the summer. However, a trip to Kamchatka in winter has several advantages. It is a small amount of tourists, which allows you to feel at one with nature, and sport facilities, not available in the summer.

The most popular winter sports in Kamchatka — Safari on snowmobiles. Only on Kamchatka in Russia are snowmobile trails at high elevations in Alpine meadows, on the background of snowy mountain peaks. In the Urals and Khibiny mountains, this landscape is simply no!

Winter tours in Kamchatka usually involve travel in small groups of 10-15 people with a stop at the ski resorts.

This diversity of leisure activities, like Kamchatka, do not find in any other region of Russia!

Welcome to Kamchatka!

Our expedition will offer exceptional programs and high level of service. We operate on the principle of all inclusive. In our tours You will be able to touch the Kamchatka Peninsula in the winter and feel its power to the fullest! With snowmobiles, we ride the breeze to the foot of giants or do we eat in the winter crater of active volcanoes. For a while we can be real mushers will be able to experience all difficulties, and a genuine pleasure from the management team. Get acquainted with the customs and culture of indigenous peoples of the Peninsula. Feed the deer with his hands, and will have dinner in yaranga. See Pacific ocean, Steller / Steller’s sea eagle and, of course, enjoy the swimming pool with thermal water.